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Business Attorney Los Angeles
The Wroan Law Firm, Inc. is a professional law corporation in Los Angeles, California. We handle a wide variety of transactional and litigation work on behalf of our clients. The firm is committed to its proud tradition of client service that is competent, professional and ethical. We encourage you to contact us if you seek or need attorney representation.

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The Wroan Law Firm is based here in Los Angeles and over the years has built up a sound reputation for representing and providing advice to a wide range of industries. We represent clients in five key areas that are fundamental to the running of a modern industrial economy, such as ours in the US.These include:

  • New Media, Software & Technology Law
  • Business Litigation Law
  • Business Finance Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Advertising & Marketing Law


Developers and designers of websites inevitably develop a strong affinity with themselves and the website owner but it is always formal. Agreements are required between website owners and website designers, so that an accord can be reached, which lays out what the website creators are required to do. The Wroan Law Firm’s new media, software & technology lawyers here in Los Angeles offer assistance with the planning and configuration, the drafting and conciliation of website development and design agreements.

These include:

  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policies
  • The buying of a domain name
  • Software Development  and Design Agreements
  • Specific Alliance Agreements
  • Joint Branding Agreements
  • Maintenance and Technical Support Agreements
  • confidentiality and non- disclosure agreements
  • Agreements regarding trade secrets.

They closely track new and innovative technological developments that may have an effect on owners of websites and their Internet businesses. They closely structure, draft out and undertake negotiations and draw up agreements and contracts for the Internet and all new and recent media and digital platforms. New media, software & technology lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm also aid clients in matters that are important to the production, financing, licensing and the selling of intellectual property content that has been designed.

Real Estate

Real estate law includes both federal and state issues, with the state-level rules varying widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. These state and federal laws encompass everything from ownership of land and buildings to related issues such as financing, leasing, construction, taxes, and environmental laws. A competent and experienced real estate attorney can protect a party’s interests in both routine and complex transactions and disputes.

Business Litigation

A controversial issue or dispute brought before a court or a “lawsuit” is normally referred to as “litigation”.  Litigation is the final, legal way of seeking a settlement amidst controversies or disputes which take place between and among people, organizations, and on occasions even the state.  In the litigation process, a case which is defined as a suit or lawsuit appears before a court of law. The court has to have the powers to hear such cases. The parties who are involved are called the litigants and they are seeking a resolution or a judgment for the irresolvable issue.

If the parties are unable to reach a suitable agreement among themselves, then a judge or jury in a court will reach a decision on their behalf. Litigation is often the only way that people and companies are able to seek a resolution for disputes that arise in the business community.

Litigation Can Be Stressful

The Wroan Law Firm understands that litigation can be stressful and often expensive, so our business litigation lawyers carefully and decisively work with all of our clients through the difficult stages of the process. Detailed preparation and planning is crucial if a good resolution is to be reached. With appropriate risk management and clear and uncomplicated preparation, we assist our clients in a manner that alleviates the negative impact that litigation may have on both their business, professional and personal lives.

Conflict Is Inevitable with Business Litigation

When a disagreement occurs in business, the use of business litigation is a well worn route for resolving the dispute and all companies find that it is beneficial and acceptable. It offers them a chance to reach attain or maintain their goals. In the sorts of activities that occur in the modern business world conflict is inevitable, as every business wants a competitive edge over any rival business. Our business litigation lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm, based here in Los Angeles, are experienced at utilizing the most suitable line of attack to resolve business disagreements which include litigation. If we can solve the dispute without the need for litigation than that is always the best way forward and it is the most cost effective. Clients always come first when it comes to issues related to business litigation. You can be assured that despite the conflict that often involves litigation, our business litigation lawyers, with their experience, can resolve your disputes in the most amicable way possible.


Whether your business is an established worldwide brand or a new player, good marketing and advertising offers the potential to be successful. However, businesses do have a legal obligation to make sure that their advertising is not deceptive but truthful. It doesn’t matter where an advertisement happens to appear. It could be on the Internet, radio or television, magazines and newspapers, in the mail, or on a bus or a billboard, the advert must tell the truth. Additional standards apply if you use telemarketing in your promotional efforts. One of the worst things a product owner can possible do is to mislead the consumer. This will not heighten demand for the product when the deception is revealed and the product is found to be different from the consumer picture of it.

The Wroan Law Firm helps clients navigate through and apply the complex myriad of rules and regulations in advertising and marketing law and pursues claims against those who violate these rules and regulations on their behalf.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the government watchdog that keeps a check on and controls marketing and advertising law in the US. Some of the laws can possibly have an effect on many spheres of your business, which could include the way you go about labeling your products. It could also affect the way you undertake telemarketing and email campaigns, as well as any environmental and health claims you might make. The way your advertising may have an effect on children is important, too.

Any company who uses deception when advertising a product as a way of directing consumers to want to purchase your product, may face the possibility of a lawsuit if the product does not match expectations. Complainants can take their complaints to the FTC, which will investigate any false advertising. If you are unsure if your product complies with the FTC’s deception guidelines, then you should contact a Wroan Law Office advertising & marketing lawyer, who will advise you on your product compliance.

Entertainment & Sports Lawyer Los Angeles

The firm’s entertainment and sports practice is at the foundation of our core strength. Mr. Wroan began the firm as an entertainment law business, with emphasis in film and television production, as well as artist representation, in 1996.

Since that time, our firm has served as production counsel on numerous films and television projects and represented clients from across the spectrum including producers, actors, writers and directors. References are available upon request.

The firm is intimately familiar with all the major industry guilds and union rules and regulations including SAG, WGA, DGA, IATSE and Local 399.

The Firm is a proud member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association and Los Angeles Bar Association Entertainment Law sections

We provide thorough, comprehensive entertainment and sports law representation in the following areas:

  • Production Finance including Distribution and Foreign Sales agreements
  • Artist and Athlete Representation
  • Labor Compliance
  • Endorsements and Appearance requests
  • Licensing and Merchandising
  • Rights Acquisition and Disputes
  • Contract Disputes and related Litigation

Advice for Artists and Athletes

Often, there times our clients need more than legal services or advice. The Wroan Law Firm also serves our artist and athlete clients with personal and business management advice. We are capable of providing a full range of services including financial and investment advice, business planning and consultation and even career decisions.

Business Finance & Formation Lawyer Los Angeles

The Wroan Law Firm here in Los Angeles has business finance & formation lawyers who have significant business and securities experience that enables us to understand clients’ needs and requirements. We provide a wide variety of services to our business clients from preparation of agreements, sale and purchase of businesses, obtaining financing and funding for business operations, and employee relations, to dissolution.

We provide thorough, comprehensive business law representation in the following areas:

  • Business Finance and Regulatory Compliance (State and Federal)
  • Contract Disputes and Negotiation
  • Business Formation, Acquisitions and Sales
  • Partnership Law
  • Growth Strategies and Policy Implementation
  • Business Related Litigation
  • Business Organization

The form of business selected for any business has the potential to affect all the aspects of its maneuvers. The Wroan Law Firm, with the assistance of our experienced business finance & formation lawyers, assist every client in business planning and business formation. We help them make the decision if they wish to operate as a limited liability company, a closely held business, a partnership, or a corporation. We offer sound advice to our clients about directors’ and officers’ liability, franchising, dissolution, reorganization, trade association activity and membership, mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions, business successions, divestitures, and shareholders’ rights.

If you need advice or legal representation on any aspect of advertising, business, entertainment or media law, call one of our lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm at 310.973.4291 today for a consultation.