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Whether your business is marketing an established worldwide brand name or a new product, good marketing and advertising can be of great importance to its how successful it is. The advertising & marketing lawyers of the Wroan Law Firm, here in Los Angeles, offer advice to firms, so that they keep to acceptable standards in advertising.

All businesses are legally required to make sure that their advertising tells the truth and is not, therefore, deceptive. It is of no importance where an advertisement is placed, whether on the Internet, the television or radio, in magazines and newspapers, on buses or billboards or via the mail, exactly the same advertising standards apply. Additional criteria should be followed if you are intent on using telemarketing as part of your promotion. One of the worst things a product owner can possibly do is mislead the consumer. This will not help to increase demand for the product, when it is found that the product is different from what it is supposed to be. The advertising & marketing lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm offer excellent advice to clients concerning the status of their product in the advertising sector.

The Wroan Law Firm helps clients navigate and apply the complex rules and regulations in advertising and marketing law and pursues claims against those who violate these rules and regulations, on their behalf.

The Federal Trade Commission Watches Businesses

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) controls advertising and marketing law in the US. These legal requirements can have an important impact on many spheres of your business. They include how products are labeled, how email and telemarketing campaigns are conducted, any health and environmental assertions that you may make, and how children are affected by the advertising. Any company who uses false and misleading information when advertising a product, as a way of attracting consumers to buy could face a lawsuit.  Complainants can take their grudges to the FTC, which will investigate any false advertising. If you are not certain if your product matches the FTCs guidelines then you should contact The Wroan Law Firm advertising & marketing lawyers who will advise you on your product compliance.

FTC Guidelines Are Essential to Follow

Under the current law, any claims placed in advertisements must tell the truth and this has to be based on sound evidence.

Children and Advertising

If the advertisement is directing specifically at the children’s market, whether to parents or the children, standards for truth-in-advertising are particularly important.

Environmental Marketing

Marketing products as green friendly has turned into a trend in recent years. The FTC states that all producers and marketers have to supply scientific evidence of their claims if asked to do so. This relates to both packaging and the product. The FTC publishes a set of Green Guides so that producers should have no difficulty in following the guidelines.

Health Claims

Any business who markets and sells food, drugs that can be bought without a prescription, dietary supplements and other health linked products must be able to supply evidence of any useful properties these products have.

USA Made Products

If you promote and label your goods as “Made in the USA.” you must state exactly what the U.S. content is. If you are not sure if your product complies with the FTCs guidelines for “Made In USA,” call one of our advertising & marketing lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm who will know immediately if your product complies.

Online Marketing and Advertising

The Internet links marketers to its potential customers throughout the country and worldwide. If you think that advertising online will help your product sales, you have to remember that there are also guidelines and rules aimed at protecting consumers. However, they are also useful to businesses and if followed the Internet, as an advertising tool, will be considered a meaningful platform for marketing products.

Telemarketing Has Strict Guidelines

The FTC has a telemarketing sales law that is designed to safeguard consumers against telemarketing calls that make fraudulent claims about a product. Companies must be aware of rules prohibiting most kinds of robocalling. If anyone in your company is using telemarketing as a way of promoting your product, you should contact an advertising & marketing lawyer at the Wroan Law Firm, here in Los Angeles, who will advise you if your telemarketing strategies are within the law. A  victim of robocalling or any other type of advertising that has been forced on the individual, could entitle the person to file a claim for compensation. This specifically relates to unsolicited calls which have been directed to the person’s cell phone.

You May Need a Lawyer to Help You

If you are not sure if your product complies with all the FTC guidelines then you should contact one of our advertising & marketing lawyers at The Wroan Law Firm here in Los Angeles. We can provide sound advice on the status of your product. Additionally, if you think that a product you have purchased provided deliberately misleading information, which does not reflect the characteristics of the product we can assess your case for a claim against the manufacturer or distributor using the FTCs guidelines. Our substantial advertising & marketing experience counts at The Wroan Law Firm as we have built up an enviable reputation for the way we handle our clients in relation to consumer and product related issues.

If you need an advertising and marketing lawyer to help you with your business practice, then contact the Wroan Law Firm in Los Angeles at 310.973.4291 today.

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