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Sometimes individuals and businesses have no choice but to use the courts to solve disputes and if you think that the problem you have needs a resolution, then the business litigation lawyers at The Wroan Law Firm, here in Los Angeles,  forcefully pursue and protect the interests. Litigation should be avoided if at all possible however, at times, it is essential. You will need a competent lawyer on your side when proceeding with business litigation.

The Basics of the Litigation Process

A controversy in front of a court, or a “lawsuit”, is actually “litigation”.  Litigation is a legal way of finding a settlement for disputes or controversies among and between individuals and organizations. The state is, at times, involved as well.

When litigation takes place, a case often known as a suit or lawsuit comes in front of a court of law, which has the power or jurisdiction to judge the case. The parties involved are called the litigants and they are seeking a resolution or judgment to their disagreement. If the disagreement is not settled by mutual agreement established between the parties, then a judge or jury will be responsible for finding a solution through the use of a court.

Litigation is undeniably stressful and can be expensive, but our business litigation lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm use their experience to work through every case methodically so that our clients get the outcome they are seeking. We consider that a good outcome is often related to precise preparation and planning. The way we handle the preparation and management of litigation helps to relieve the negative effects that litigation might have on our clients’ businesses and their personal lives.

Handling Situations of Conflict

When a dispute takes place in business, business litigation is a well worn route for finding a solution to the conflict and is of great assistance to every company. It enables them to attain or defend their targets. In the modern business world conflict is inevitable, as each business strives to get a competitive edge in front of their competitors. Our business litigation lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm, based here in Los Angeles, are experienced at using the most appropriate strategy to solve all business disputes including litigation concerning business issues. We always put our clients first when it comes to issues related to business litigation.

Defining Business Litigation

Here at the Wroan Law Firm, our team of experienced lawyers represents our clients in affairs related to business litigation.  This is often to do with the breaching of contracts, fraudulent activities, conversion, the breaching of fiduciary duty, as well as disturbing current or future economic affairs. We are able to represent plaintiffs and defendants when it comes to cases that mean business litigation is necessary, which include written and oral contracts. We often handle cases to do with:

  • Business disruption claims
  • Construction disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Commercial dispute
  • Entertainment industry disputes.

Our biggest concern is our clients’ reputation and how their businesses relate to the community. We make sure that the best and most effective dispute resolution is utilized as often as possible. Our preference is to solve all issues without having to go to court. However, if a court appearance is necessary, we will use all our experience and knowledge to represent business owners and their businesses through the use of arbitration or if necessary through a trial.

Business Disruption

It is not uncommon for a business to be disrupted to the extent that it has to temporarily stop production or withdrew a service. This could be due to a severe weather event, industrial action of a service provider or a power cut. Whatever the event our business litigation lawyers can help you to determine your losses throughout this disruptive period.

There are certain ways that a loss can be measured as follows:

  • The economic value that has been lost
  • The difference in situation between what did actually happen and what would have happened without the disruption.
  • Interpreting the law when it comes to assessing losses.

There is, however, a standard economic method and that is calculating the loss of net profits, before tax profits and loss of sales. Our business litigation lawyers know how to guide you through the legal process when it comes to claiming back your losses due to a business disruption that was not your fault.

A Construction Company Can Be a Challenge

Running a construction company in the current economic climate may be challenging. When a complex construction dispute arises, it can cause a ruinous effect on large and stable construction companies.

However, at the Wroan Law Firm, our business litigation lawyers have years of experience handling difficult construction disputes that have involved for clients. Our solid work in the area of construction has given us the knowledge to handle and resolve the most complicated issues. These could be to do with suppliers of materials and disputes between contractors and homeowners.

Complex construction disputes are often to do with:

  • Homeowners and remodeling contractors
  • Contractors and sub-contractors
  • Suppliers of materials
  • Disputes in relation to contracts
  • The performing of poor quality work
  • Contractors not being paid

Our business litigation lawyers work hard to find positive resolutions to construction disputes. This includes the recovery of damages and contractual issues.

If you need a lawyer just give the Wroan Law Firm a call today at 310.973.4291 with your business litigation problem. We are ready and waiting to solve anything that is affecting your business.

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