Business Finance & Formation Lawyer Los Angeles

We at the Wroan Law Firm here in Los Angeles are business finance & formation lawyers, who have significant business and securities experience. This enables us to understand clients’ needs and requirements. We offer a choice of services for our business clients which include preparing agreements, purchase and sale of businesses, getting funding and financing for businesses and employee relations and dissolution.

We provide thorough comprehensive business law representation in the following areas:

  • Business Finance and Regulatory Compliance (State and Federal)
  • Contract Disputes and Negotiation
  • Business Formation, Acquisitions and Sales
  • Partnership Law
  • Growth Strategies and Policy Implementation
  • Business Related Litigation
  • Business Organization

The type of business selected for a business entity could have an effect on all aspects of its operations. The Wroan Law Firm, with the assistance of our experienced business finance & formation lawyers, assist our clients in forms of businesses available and business planning. We help them decide whether they wish to be a partnership, limited liability company, corporation or closely held business. Advice is offered to our clients about the liability of directors and officers, dissolution, reorganization, franchising, trade association membership, mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions, business successions and the rights of shareholders.

Our business finance & formation lawyers are recognized in Los Angeles for solving complicated business issues. We are firmly committed to helping our many business clients attain their goals. Large corporations who are publicly traded, emerging and new entrepreneurial businesses and rising middle-market businesses and companies rely faithfully on our business finance & formation lawyers’ experience to act, in effect, as business counselors and assist them with a complete range of operational, financing and transactional issues.

Business Finance

Our business financial and formation lawyers are highly skilled at enacting commercial financial transactions for all different sized companies. We readily sense the fundamentals of any transaction and actively highlight key issues to ensure so that we get the most favorable result for our clients. The Wroan Law Firm strives for the ultimate outcome by being proactive with lenders, underwriters, issuers and credit enhancers which may involve complex transactions and innovative transactions. Also, we handle routine financing, where it is important to control cost.

The Arrangement of Loans and Refinancing

Our business finance & formation lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm assist companies from a broad spectrum of industries, get off and on-balance sheet loans, get recapitalizations and gain access to different credit facilities. Our individualized service means we work with every client in order to seek the most appropriate financing choices. This includes term or revolving loans, letters of credit and syndicated financing. We have had experience at negotiating and representing lenders and borrowers’ so we know where both groups stand.

Business Contracts

The Wroan Law Firm’s business finance & formation lawyers understand all the arrangements that relate to commercial contracts throughout a broad range of industries and businesses. We fully understand how contractual rules are related to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

Clients depend on us to increase their advantage to the full and therefore make any deals more profitable. We are particularly good at anticipating and solving due diligence factors throughout a negotiation. We skillfully prepare and vigorously enforce any contracts we have helped our clients seal including:

  • Manufacturing contracts
  • Alliance and collaboration agreements
  • Customer service agreements
  • Sales representation contracts
  • Consulting arrangements
  • Supply contracts
  • Warranties
  • Agency agreements

When misrepresentation and fraud create problems with contracts we know what the appropriate response and solution should be. If the issue is the inaccurate reporting of financial information, bad faith when negotiating of terms, or failing to adhere to intellectual property rights, the Wroan Law Firm pursues all remedies that are available. This includes resolution by conforming to UCC in the pursuit of tort claims by using litigation.

Business Formations

At the Wroan Law Firm, our business finance & formation lawyers represent sellers and buyers in all the different forms of mergers, divestures and acquisitions. Our lawyers offer start-to-finish aid with the forming and structuring, the negotiation, the documentation and the finalizing of deals.

Clients can obtain all the assistance they require when they prepare their letters of intent, conduct investigations into due diligence, plan lending agreements and put together special-purpose entities when completing any transaction. It is not important whether the seller or buyer is a private equity fund, a multinational corporation, an investor in financial services, or a privately or publicly owned business concern.

Emerging and New Companies

Our business finance & formation lawyers are particularly experienced in advising high-growth and newly formed companies. We handle all the details of the organizing, financing and control. We assist entrepreneurs when writing their business plans, organize introductions with investors and guide them toward growth strategies that are linked to success.

We also assist emerging companies source appropriate banking services and investment sources. As their businesses grow in stages, we assist clients with mergers and acquisitions, offers from tenders, buy-outs and the complicated securities, business finance and taxation issues many complex transactions involve.

It does not matter what stage of development your business is at, our business finance and formation lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm are ready and able to advise you today on any financial issue that is of concern to you. Call us today at 310.973.4291 to book a consultation.

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