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If you are involved with Digital Rights Management (DRM), software development and licensing, SAAS, or are producing, publishing or aggregating content for the web or mobile channels, the Wroan Law Firm, here in Los Angeles has the experience you can rely on.

Understanding your rights and how you can protect your trade names and marks in the information age is important. We help our clients with these and the myriad of issues in new media and technology.

New media, software & technology lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm know about the complexities of web industries and internet start-ups. If you are at this moment considering initiating a web-based company, or developing a website, it is in your interest to know about possible legal choices. These will help protect your personal, financial, professional and business interests. Through the use of certain methods you can be sure that a website or a web-based company will adhere to state, federal or local regulations or laws.

New media, software & technology lawyers based in Los Angeles, represents clients in technology, privacy and media law concerns in relation to Internet businesses and their websites.

Development Agreements for Websites

The developer and designer of a website form a relationship with the website owner which is strictly formal. An agreement is required between a website owner and website designer so that an accord can be reached detailing what the employees are required to do. Our new media, software & technology lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm assist clients with the planning and structuring, the drafting and the negotiation of website development and design agreements.

These include:

  • Privacy Policies
  • The buying of a domain name
  • Software Development  and Design Agreements
  • Specific Alliance Agreements
  • Joint Branding Agreements
  • Terms of Use
  • Maintenance and Technical Support Agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Agreements regarding trade secrets.

The Wroan Law Firm follows closely any new and emerging technological advancement that affects Internet businesses and owners of websites. We configure, draft out and negotiate agreements and contracts for the Internet and all new initiatives in digital and media platforms. New media, software & technology lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm also help clients in matters relating to the production, financing, licensing and sale of intellectual property material that has been designed for the Internet and all digital deliveries and new media.

New Media Product Advertising and Marketing

The Wroan Law Firm has vast experience with the media, advertising and entertainment industry. Their new media, software & technology lawyers in Los Angeles offer legal advice to both media producers and advertisers in relation to the most appropriate way to structure, go through the negotiation process and then implement all the terms of brand immersion settlements in the different forms of information media.

Agreements for Brand Integration

To get to know how to build, develop and promote a media-driven brand integration tactic which supports a wider marketing campaign in relation to consumer services and products, the Wroan Law Firm in Los Angeles knows how to help you. You are perhaps seeking a placement opportunity in an important feature film, through television and via the Internet or a longer term work relationship with a specific media producer. Your legal requirements are our concern.

Our valuable advice in any brand integration campaign which is media driven will reach passed the one-off product placement stage. Our lawyers work close together with their clients and all the advertising agencies to discover the most appropriate fit for their services and products in TV, motion pictures, the Internet and even in video games.

As well as the structuring, the negotiating and the drafting of product placement, the integration of a brand and activation agreements, our new media, software & technology lawyer also advises and counsels clients so they satisfy the business and imaginative elements and terms of the agreements throughout pre-production, photography, post-production, and international and domestic distribution networks.

Our lawyers can negotiate any aggressive branded content campaign and cross-marketing arrangements through a large range of distribution areas which will mutually benefit advertisers and media producers.

We can assist you to identify the worth of branded content chances with specific films, television shows and Internet content. In addition, we work on behalf of advertisers and often we also give advice to media producers about what it means and how to implement agreements for specific brand integration.

Our new media, software & technology lawyers in Los Angeles can also advise media producers and advertisers on how to negotiate the contracts for the terms of production for content to be passed around as paid programming.

To get to know more about how our experienced new media & software technology lawyers can increase the objectives of advertisers and media producers’ objectives in brand integration and campaigns for product placement, you should contact the Wroan Law Firm for further advice. Our experienced lawyers in Los Angeles have an enviable reputation in solving new media, software and technology issues. We offer legal representation in every aspect of Internet complexities.

If you need advice or legal representation on any aspect of the law on Internet or new media and technology application, then call one of our lawyers at the Wroan Law Firm at 310.973.4291 today for a consultation.

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